Wet n Wild Mega Plump Review


Think Twice

While the low price is appealing, this mascara upsets most reviewers because it smears and doesn't last long. It has even landed on a "mascaras to avoid" list.

Wet n Wild Mega Plump is unquestionably an inexpensive mascara (starting at $4, Amazon). It can be purchased just about any major drug or retail store for less than $5. However, it shows in the quality, with a lumpy, messy formula.

There aren't many Wet N Wild Mega Plump reviews; the brand is not as popular as major cosmetics companies such as L'Oreal and Maybelline. The reviews that do exist are mostly negative. On Walmart.com, one user expresses regret over purchasing this mascara and advises other consumers to steer clear. Users who have weighed in on Wet N Wild Mega Plump for the review site Total Beauty cluster at the low end of the rating scale. They complain that it doesn't last more than 20 minutes and leaves a large, smeary mess. As a result of gripes like this, the product has ended up on a "worst mascaras" list.

At the same time, some users reviewing the mascara on Makeup Alley are quite happy with Wet N Wild Mega Plump. Whereas some reviewers see no difference in the length or volume of their lashes, another describes the effect as natural yet defined; she says she doesn't understand why the product gets such poor reviews. One reviewer took a day or two to warm up to the drier consistency of this mascara but ultimately decided she liked how it made her lashes look.

Wet n Wild Mega Plump mascara has a short wand with dense, small bristles. While short wands are typically good for short lashes, the brush doesn't seem to have helped this mascara gain any fans.

Most of the poor reviews for this mascara seem to stem from the gooey formula. Wet n Wild Mega Plump simply lacks the consistency most users are looking for. While the cheap price of this mascara is alluring, just a couple more dollars will get you a mascara that's much more effective.

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