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September Is National Coupon Month

Posted on 8/24/2011 12:29 EST

Back in September 1998, the non-profit trade association Promotion Marketing Association, Inc., or PMA, held its first Coupon Month to educate on savings. Now 13 years later, September is National Coupon Month, a reminder (welcome or not) that coupons have become a permanent fixture in the consumer landscape.

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The lingering recession has only reinforced the use of coupon clipping and printing, a tactic shoppers and retailers champion as a means of reinvigorating sluggish consumer spending. Indeed, PMA says you can save $1,000 a year by devoting 20 minutes a week to clipping coupons.

The National Coupon Month web site offers tips that educate on savings, including how to make the most of your coupons. Other sites and companies are jumping on the coupon bandwagon, as well. Couponsherpa.com, for example, has posted 30 savings tips on its Ilovecouponmonth.com site. Shopping deals site Buxr.com is hosting a $50 coupon trivia giveaway until August 29.

Cheapism also lists several resources that educate on savings. Check them out now -- Coupon Month begins in a few days and expires 30 days thereafter.

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