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Weekly Update: Holiday Returns & More

Posted on 12/26/2014 15:07 EST

Ring in the new year with an inexpensive yet smashing party, toast with budget bubbly, and return gifts that were off the mark for something you truly desire. Before you pinch pennies, think seriously about how much your time is worth. And consult our calendar to find out the best time to buy big-ticket items this year. Read More

6 Steps to Throwing a New Year's Party on the Cheap

Posted on 12/26/2014 13:49 EST

New Year's Eve is notorious for overpriced festivities. With the array of exorbitant themed dinners and club events for the taking, it's certainly easy to ring in the New Year broke. Instead, stay true to your frugal roots and throw a joyous gathering at home. This hardly means welcoming 2015 in bare-bones fashion. Take your cues from the list below and you'll start the year right, and on budget. Read More

The Best Time to Buy Almost Anything in 2015

Posted on 12/23/2014 8:07 EST

Timing is everything, especially for frugal consumers who need to make big purchases. Knowing the best time to buy something -- from a car or a house to a TV or appliance -- goes a long way toward saving big bucks. Read More

Holiday Returns: What You Need to Know

Posted on 12/22/2014 11:23 EST

Gift giving and receiving is complicated and emotional. While the rising popularity of store gift cards and prepaid cards has lessened the worry about returns in the post-holiday frenzy, there often remains one present that doesn't warm your insides or a gift that you received twice because relatives know you all too well. Regardless, deliver a big, heartfelt "thank you" and then figure out how to return or exchange the gift. Read More

What's Worth More: Your Money or Your Time?

Posted on 12/22/2014 11:22 EST

My banker husband has always said, "Time is money." I understood the point but never put the old adage to the test. We all probably have a different bottom line when it comes to how much our time is worth, so I did the math to determine mine. The answer, I learned, depends on both the person and the situation. Read More

Weekly Update: 50 Best Money-Saving Tips & More

Posted on 12/19/2014 16:14 EST

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With Christmas less than a week away, the holiday pace is mounting. Get into the spirit by being charitable within your budget. Gift cards make great last-minute gifts, but be wary of potential fees. An electric razor would do nicely for the special guy on your list. Know what to avoid during holiday travel and save yourself some money. Escape the holiday hustle with a sunny getaway, inexpensive yoga classes, or a budget-priced bottle of white wine. Grandparents can step in to help new parents bear the responsibility, financial and otherwise, of caring for a new baby. Finally, don't miss Cheapism.com's top money-saving tips of 2014. Read More

6 Ways to Find Free and Cheap Yoga Classes

Posted on 12/18/2014 13:29 EST

With all the stresses of modern life, quiet, meditative movement seems like the perfect antidote. Yoga classes and instruction have a reputation for being expensive, with drop-in rates hovering around $20 and private instruction costing a bit more. But all you need -- in theory, that is -- to start practicing is a yoga mat, unrestrictive yoga clothing, and free instructional videos posted online. Read More

Stay Warm Head to Toe With Winter Wear Under $30

Posted on 12/18/2014 9:24 EST

Aaah, wintertime -- when the mere thought of stepping out of the house sends shivers down your spine. Even a quick walk to the bus can make hands and feet feel cold as your body works to keep the core and inner organs warm. These days, there are plenty of products on the market that will keep you warm without making you look like the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. We found a number of worthwhile accessories and apparel, each costing less than $30. Read More

50 Best Money-Saving Tips of the Year

Posted on 12/17/2014 13:42 EST

Another year is coming to an end, presenting a chance to reflect on what we learned during the past 12 months. From electricity costs to credit cards, we've covered it all on Cheapism.com. Continue on to see 50 of the best money-saving, reward-earning, and frugal-living tips from 2014. Read More

How Grandparents Can Save New Parents Thousands Per Year

Posted on 12/17/2014 8:39 EST

The average cost of raising a baby during the first year is $10,000 to $15,000, which totals more than $245,000 to age 18. Once the initial sticker shock wears off, many parents single-mindedly focus on paring costs -- by shopping at secondhand stores, accepting hand-me-downs, choosing store-brand diapers, and most of all, by enlisting help. While friends may be willing, oftentimes it is the grandparents who can be counted on for emotional support, practical support, and, when possible, financial support. Here are several specific and fairly simple ways that grandparents can help save new parents at least $3,700 during the baby's first year. Read More

6 Things to Avoid During Holiday Travel

Posted on 12/16/2014 11:58 EST

More than half of holiday travelers hope to stick to a budget this year, according to a recent American Express survey. Between transportation, dining, and entertainment, though, it's easy to overspend. While unforeseen expenses may be inevitable, a few simple money-saving tactics can ease the pain. Take a pass on these six things and keep some green in your pocket this holiday season. Read More

Giving Gift Cards? Read This First

Posted on 12/16/2014 9:06 EST

What do you give to the person who has everything? The simple answer: a gift card. Popular as stocking stuffers, office gift-swaps, and full-blown presents to family members, these cash-loaded pieces of plastic also suffice when recipient choice is a prime goal or as last-minute offerings that show a tad more thought and effort than handing over cash. But be forewarned. Gift cards usually come with fees attached, an industry practice that might set you wondering whether the old-fashioned envelope stuffed with green wouldn't be preferable. Read More

Top 10 Affordable Destinations for Winter Sun

Posted on 12/15/2014 10:03 EST

Feeling the need to get some sun this winter? Lying on a beach with a pina colada in hand sounds pretty good when your fingers go numb from texting outside. And it's far more fun to plow down a bright, white mountain slope than plow a driveway in the dark. Satisfy your vitamin D craving on the cheap by hopping a plane to a domestic destination or even a Caribbean island. Cheapism.com has rounded up 10 top picks for thrifty winter escapes. For an all-inclusive package that covers flight, accommodation, and meals/drinks, book through a vacation deal site such as Cheap Caribbean or BookIt. Their seasonal discounts and last-minute sales can reduce already affordable packages to less than $200 per night. And you don't have to spend another cent while you're there. Read More

How to Give to Charity Without Spending a Dime

Posted on 12/15/2014 9:06 EST

The holiday season is upon us and many are feeling the stress of shopping, cooking, entertaining, and all that comes with this time of year. Another something that may be weighing on your mind is how to fit in some charitable giving. After all, there are those in need who will be lucky to scrape together any holiday cheer. If you're strapped for cash, as well, you still can be charitable without pulling out your checkbook or even yielding much of your time. Here are several ideas on how to spread the giving spirit this holiday season. Read More

Gift Guide: 4 Electric Razors Under $30

Posted on 12/15/2014 8:11 EST

Here's a gift you're actually better off buying at the last minute: an electric shaver. It can take a few weeks to get used to a new razor, so most manufacturers let users try one out for at least 30 days and get their money back if they're not pleased with the results. Shopping close to the holiday gives a man in your life almost the full trial period. Read More

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