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Bra Reviews

No matter what type of bra you're looking for, bra reviews from both experts and consumers indicate that several features are essential. First up: comfort and support.

Most user reviews we researched indicate that women prize a bra that comfortably supports their breasts. Fit and durability are also vital. Bra reviews often mention whether or not a consumer finds a bra "true to size," although fit varies from brand to brand. Consumers seem to expect a bra to last at least six months, and the longer the better. Other key qualities shoppers take into account are fabric and construction.

Best-Fitting Bras.

With so many women allegedly wearing the wrong size bra, it's important to have a professional size you up. If you're ordering online, Good Housekeeping provides a guide to taking your own measurements. Once you know your bra size, it's a good idea to try on several different styles to find the best-fitting bra.

Because consumers commenting online may not have purchased the correct size, we took all the bra reviews we read with a grain of salt. That said, some bras earn far more praise for comfort and fit than others, and usually the more adjustable the straps and band, the better the fit. That's why we like the Moving Comfort Fiona (starting at $24) -- it's one sports bra that's completely adjustable, where many options in the category aren't. According to consumers posting bra reviews on Amazon, the bra is comfortable for any type of workout. Those with larger cup sizes especially appreciate the adjustability and how well the bra keeps their chests contained.

The Barely There Invisible Look Underwire (starting at $18) is the most comfortable and best-fitting bra some women have ever found, according to bra reviews at Kohl's. Consumers posting comments at online outlet One Hanes Place like the bra so much that they stock up just in case it's ever discontinued. The Playtex 18-Hour Original Comfort Strap (starting at $17) also gets many compliments on fit at Freshpair. Women appreciate the lift and support the bra provides and confirm that it actually is comfortable enough to wear for a full 18 hours.

Women posting bra reviews at online lingerie retailer Her Room likewise find the Maidenform The Dream Bra Push-Up Bra (starting at $24) extremely comfortable. They say it gives small busts a boost without looking unnatural or showing through clothing.

The Lilyette Tailored Strapless Minimizer Bra (starting at $17) impresses women posting bra reviews at Macy's, who say it holds the bust in place without spillage over the sides and top (a common problem with strapless bras that fit poorly). Consumers posting at Amazon agree, saying the bra is unbelievably comfortable and even calling it the best-fitting bra they've ever worn. One woman living in Central America went on an unplanned hike up a mountain in this strapless bra and had no problems. She relies on it now over a sports bra when she knows she'll be traveling on bumpy roads.

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But not all cheap bras deliver the comfort of the best-fitting bras on our list. The fit of the Elita Les Essentiels Crossover Cami (starting at $16) seems to be all wrong, according to bra reviews. Women posting comments on Her Room report that the bra runs small and the lack of adjustability in the straps and band makes it very hard to wear properly. One woman reports that the band is tight and doesn't smooth out any "back fat." Consumers commenting on the Carnival Seamless Push-Up Bra (starting at $17) at Her Room find the fit and comfort lacking. Some bra reviews report that the cup sizes seem to run small, the straps are uncomfortable, and the bra rides up or gaps a bit where the cups meet the straps. One reviewer who ordered two Carnival bras in the exact same size says one fits and the other is too small.

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