Sony KDL-47W802A Review



Sony's KDL-47W802A displays a crisp picture and fairly accurate color. The 3D performance is solid, reviewers say. This 47-inch set has four HDMI inputs for connecting to other electronics, including one that supports mobile phones. Consumers can also find a 55-inch Sony W802A Series TV under $1,500.

Sony sometimes struggles to deliver good budget TVs, but Sony W802A reviews identify this series as a popular choice that performs pretty well. Digital Trends tested the 55-inch model but notes that its review also applies to the cheaper 47-inch Sony KDL-47W802A (starting at $989, Amazon). The reviewer appreciates the large number of streaming options available through the Sony Entertainment Network, which adds streams such as NPR to more common options such as Netflix and Hulu Plus. The picture is clear and highly detailed, even in wide-angle viewing, a weak spot for LCD TVs. The main drawback for this TV is that it suffers from a little judder during movies. The 3D performance is pretty solid, Digital Trends concludes, with good depth of field.

In a Sony KDL-47W802A review at, an expert praises the TV for its crisp picture and smooth motion. The color is just a hair off but still pretty accurate, he says. This smart TV also earns kudos for an excellent interface with lots of streaming choices. The 3D picture is pleasing overall and doesn't suffer from crosstalk, the reviewer notes. At CNET, a reviewer credits the 55-inch model with deep black levels for an LED TV and good shadow detail. The colors, however, are a little bit muted and uneven. On the 3D front, the TV displayed a bright image and no crosstalk in CNET's testing.

The Sony W802A series is a line of 1080p, passive 3D TVs available in 47- and 55-inch sizes. They have a generous assortment of inputs, including four HDMI ports -- one of which supports the relatively new MHL standard for connecting smartphones -- three USB ports, built-in Wi-Fi, an Ethernet port, and a component/composite input. The TV has a native refresh rate of 120 Hz and comes with four pairs of 3D glasses.

Sony's high-end TVs are among the best money can buy, and they typically have high prices to match. The Sony KDL-47W802A is a relative bargain, although our top picks are ultimately a better value given their low prices, bigger screens, and superior performance. The Sony KDL-47W802A is a good all-around TV, however, with nice color accuracy and decent black levels. If you want to play video from your smartphone on your TV, the MHL technology is a compelling feature.

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