Kenmore 70051 Review



This stalwart 5,200-BTU unit is small and cheap but has a full set of features, including a timer, sleep and energy saver modes, and an indicator light that reminds the user to clean the filter.

Users posting Kenmore 70051 reviews at Sears praise this model for being easy to install and use. About the only knock against this model is the annoying beep it emits when you change the settings. According to a review on Buzzillions, the beep is so loud it scares the user's pets.

The Kenmore 70051 (starting at $170) handily qualified for Energy Star certification under the old standards, with an energy efficiency ratio of 11, and very nearly hits the new benchmark of 11.2. A user posting a Kenmore air conditioner review on Buzzillions confirms that this model uses less power than you might think for a unit of its size. Unlike other models we looked at in the 5,000 BTU range, the 5,200 BTU Kenmore 70051 offers three fan and cooling speeds, plus a sleep mode. It also comes with an energy saver mode, a 24-hour on/off timer, and a filter check. It's covered by a one-year limited warranty and a five-year limited warranty on the sealed system.

Where to buy

Buy it from Sears.

The Kenmore 70051 has the most impressive feature set we've seen for its price and size. On balance we think it's the best choice for rooms up to and even slightly larger than 150 square feet.

Gina Briles

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