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Haier ESAD4066
Where to Buy Haier ESAD4066

This air conditioner gets the occasional positive review, like this one from a user on Amazon who says it cools 700 square feet in Houston in August; at 6,000 BTU, the Haier ESAD4066 (starting at $243, Amazon) should be expected to handle only about 250 square feet. Unfortunately, you're more likely to encounter negative Haier ESAD4066 reviews, particularly when it comes to noise, quality, and customer service. Cool air stopped coming out of one user's AC around the time the warranty ran out, according to a review on Amazon, and after two e-mails and three calls to customer service the user still couldn't get the unit fixed. Another user posting a review on Amazon sent back a damaged unit after repeated calls to Haier customer service were not returned. One problem on that user's unit was the louvers, which also draw complaints from users posting reviews at Buzzillions. One says the louvers stick and have to be opened manually, while another calls them fragile.

This air conditioner comes with a 24-hour timer, energy saver mode, and a quiet mode. It can also dehumidify even when it's not in cooling mode. However, a user questions that feature's effectiveness in a review on a consumer products testing site. The energy efficiency ratio on this Energy Star air conditioner is a whopping 12, and it's marketed as the Paragon Eco-Conditioner. However, a user posting a Haier ESAD4066 review on Amazon notes the irony of an eco-friendly air conditioner needlessly winding up as garbage due to unresponsive customer service.

Given that the Haier ESAD4066 costs as much as $100 more than similar units with better reviews, we can't call it a good buy.

by Gina Briles (Google+ Profile) – June 2, 2015
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