Energizer Advanced Lithium Review


Astute readers probably noticed that no lithium batteries made our list, although Energizer Advanced Lithium reviews suggest these batteries deserve a footnote. Lithium batteries are more expensive than standard alkaline batteries and sometimes even rechargeable batteries, yet most household-size versions aren't rechargeable (cells in some electronic devices are often rechargeable lithium). Lithium batteries are also quite toxic, and because of their chemical makeup, consumers must take pains to dispose of them at a designated recycling center instead of in the trash.

The Energizer Advanced Lithium (starting at $8/4-pack, Amazon) is an interesting outlier in that its price is pretty low for a lithium battery. It also seems to perform fairly well, according to Energizer Advanced Lithium reviews on Amazon, although we couldn't find many reviews elsewhere. These batteries claim to deliver four times the duration of other competing brands in digital cameras and 10 years of shelf life. Amazon customers mention using the batteries in game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii. Two more negative reviews tell of quick drain in low-power devices such as TV remotes. They assert that the batteries died in a matter of months and, of course, couldn't be recharged.

Maralyn Edid

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