The First Years: Double miPump Review


Users at Walmart have plenty of good things to say in The First Years: Double miPump reviews, reporting that it is easy to use and clean, and is able to express plenty of milk. In fact one user says she would have given it a ten star review if possible. reviewers also say good things about this cheap breast pump reporting that it is smaller and easier to transport than other breast pumps, it expresses lots of milk, is comfortable and easy to use.

As a double electric breast pump, users can actually use The First Years: Double miPump as a single or double breast pump. Unlike other breast pumps, it comes with a flex fit breast shield that is softer and more yielding than other breast shields making it comfortable for women of all sizes and eliminating the need to buy a different size breast shield. The budget breast pump has a quick cycle time and eight adjustable suction levels. It runs on electric or battery and comes with a lot including a carry tote, two, five ounce bottles, an adapter so milk can be pumped into a bottle, a cooler bag, and two ice packs.

We like everything that this low cost breast pump comes with and users seem to really find this pump comfortable and easy to use. Overall, we think this is a good breast pump to try for the price.

Raechel Conover

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