Samsung SC-MX20 Review



Samsung's SC-MX20 full-size camcorder features a 34X optical zoom, image stabilization, auto focus, and an attractive design, but it gets panned in expert camcorder reviews for poor video quality.

Although Samsung's SC-MX20 has a couple of appealing features not commonly found in this price range, such as image stabilization, reviewers are not taken with this cheap camcorder's video performance. A Samsung SC-MX20 review on CNET likes the overall design, as well as the audio quality, but considers the SC-MX20's video quality subpar. At a Samsung SC-MX20 review also remarks on the poor video quality.

The SC-MX20 (starting at $205, Amazon) is a full-size standard definition (720 x 480) camcorder with 34X optical zoom, 1200X digital zoom, and a 2.7-inch LCD. It records video to SD flash memory, a popular option among camcorder users, but it can also record to the MMC flash memory format, which is less common.

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The Samsung SC-MX20's image stabilization, smooth design, ease of use, and good audio are all preferred features in a budget camcorder. But a camcorder's most important asset is the quality of its recorded video, and unfortunately, that's a critical weakness of the Samsung SC-MX20.

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