Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit Ultra 48465


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This 12-cup machine holds the coffee in an internal thermal tank so mugs can be filled directly from the spout. Consumers appreciate having consistently hot coffee and no glass carafe to break.

Ditching the carafe altogether is a dream for many coffee lovers who would rather have their coffee dispensed directly into a mug. Enter the Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit Ultra 48465 (starting at $42, Amazon), which makes 12 cups of coffee and stores it in an internal thermal tank, leaving a one-handed dispenser to fill whatever cup or travel container is preferred.

Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit Ultra reviews on Amazon say it produces coffee that’s always hot and stays at the right temperature, because it doesn’t rely on a hot plate. The coffee in the thermally insulated tank is heated until the automatic shutoff kicks in. Several users reviewing the coffee maker at Bed Bath & Beyond admire the ability to extend the "keep warm" time up to 4 hours.

The BrewStation Summit Ultra has a brew strength selector that allows for a bolder brew, which is appreciated by many, and it also makes iced coffee, a benefit mentioned in reviews on Wayfair. In addition, there is a “small batch” setting for those who want to make only a few cups.

This Hamilton Beach model uses a basket filter and has a reservoir that must be filled just like ordinary coffee makers do. At more than 15 inches high, it's the tallest model we researched. Many users say they have to move it out from under cabinets to lift the lid and fill the reservoir, making it a bit awkward to complete the task. Another potential downside to the machine is that it seems it can clog up easily, which can make it start to leak.

Many consumers who have posted online reviews are repeat buyers of Hamilton Beach BrewStation machines. Some say the new version is an improvement over older models. Regardless, most users agree the Hamilton Beach BrewStation Summit Ultra makes good coffee.

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