Seattle's Best Coffee Review


Seattle's Best, which has been owned by Starbucks since 2003, recently renamed its coffees based on how dark they are, using levels from 1 to 5. Level 4 (starting at $6.59 for 12 ounces, Amazon) is a dark roast that consumers posting Seattle's Best coffee reviews find hefty and bold, although many report that it tastes burnt and leaves an acrid aftertaste. Commenters at do appreciate that the levels make it easy for people to choose a coffee even if they're not educated on the different kinds. (People who liked the old Henry's Blend seem to have transitioned into Level 4.)

Seattle's Best does not specify on the bag or on its website the type of beans that go into making Level 4, aside from the fact that they are organic and Fair Trade -- attributes cited in favorable Seattle's Best coffee reviews. The product description of the coffee on Amazon does say that it is made from arabica beans, sourced from a number of locations in Indonesia and South and Central America.

Many dark coffee drinkers like this brew for its bold flavor, judging by Seattle's Best coffee reviews on Amazon. They say it is full-bodied, smooth, and balanced. A consumer who posted a review at appreciates that, despite the fact that it's strong and deep, it is not bitter or acidic, and doesn't upset her stomach.

Like its Starbucks parent, Seattle's Best Coffee elicits many remarks about its brew being over-roasted. Some consumers posting Seattle's Best coffee reviews declare that Level 4 is no better than dark supermarket coffees that cost considerably less. Although you could do much worse than to buy this coffee, you can probably do better.

Seattle's Best Coffee Organic Fair Trade Level 4 comes as ground coffee or whole beans, in 12-ounce vacuum-sealed bags.

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