Presto Products GKL0951-6 Geobin Composting System Review


The open top and well-ventilated sides make the round Geobin Composting System a yard-waste-only composter. And for the most part, Presto Products GKL0951-6 Geobin Composting reviews at Amazon say it does the job. One review posted by a veteran composter asserts that this bin stacks up well against others for its user-friendly design and quick results. Air and water flow in while the bin holds the necessary heat and moisture, and lifting the bottom-less bin off the pile and shoveling it back is one way to make quick work of the churning chore. Reviews also praise the sturdiness of the structure and ease of assembly, although several grumble about what they describe as flimsy stakes and clips that are used to anchor the bin to the ground.

The Presto Products GKL0951-6 Geobin Composting System (starting at $35, Amazon) is made of lightweight plastic. When open to its full three-foot diameter, the Presto Geobin holds up to 14 bushels of yard waste. Setting it up with a smaller girth is also possible.

The Presto Geobin is a good alternative for anyone who confines their composting to grass clippings, leaves, and twigs. The absence of a lid means there’s no protection against hungry critters, so don’t even think about adding food scraps.

Jennifer Magid

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