Oxo Good Grips Compost Bin Review



This diminutive indoor compost bin is right-sized for a small household or kitchen. It’s easy to open and close, and odors don’t seem to be a problem despite the absence of a carbon filter. Easy to clean, as well, and a touch of green trim against a white shell adds to the aesthetic appeal.

Oxo Good Grips Compost Bin reviews are in agreement: This indoor model is convenient, odorless, and attractive. The compact footprint takes up little space on the countertop and it fits easily under the sink, as well. Scores of reviews at Amazon and Drugstore.com award it five stars for both design and performance. The smooth and contoured inner surface ensures quick cleanup, reviews note, and the wide opening and flip-up lid that closes on its own make for hassle-free functionality. Reviewers commend the tight seal, which means no unpleasant smells despite the absence of an odor-absorbing carbon filter. And that, some reviews continue, is a big advantage, because it’s one less thing that needs attention. (Filters should be changed every few months.)

Practical design elements more than compensate for the Oxo Good Grips Compost Bin’s (starting at $20, Amazon) small 0.75-gallon size. Only one hand is needed to open and close the lid, which can be removed for emptying the contents and cleaning out the bin. A bucket-style handle is useful for hauling the bin to the outside composter, and the whole thing fits in the dishwasher. It measures slightly more than seven inches in width, in depth, and in height and weighs just over one pound. And it’s pretty: The inside shell is lime green and the outer shell is white.

Users say the Oxo Good Grips Compost Bin actually holds more than you’d expect and given the price, the performance, and the features, it’s a can’t-lose buy.

Jennifer Magid

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