Redmon Compost Bin Review



A four-sided structure with doors, a top lid, and a base, this 65-gallon outdoor compost bin is a snap to assemble and affords easy access to the finished compost. Good ventilation and a tight lid keep the decomposition moving along.

Redmon Compost Bin reviews cheer the cheap price of this outdoor composter and a performance that surpasses expectations. The six-sided UV-stabilized plastic bin is weather resistant, easy to set up, and light enough to move around the yard, according to reviews at sites such as and Wayfair. Users report that the well-ventilated walls and tight-fitting snap-on lid create the right environment for organic decomposition and the doors on each vertical side afford easy access to the finished compost. One review happily notes that this product has gotten the entire family involved in the composting adventure. Still, users have a few beefs: the bin could use a flip-up lid and better anchors to the ground, for example, for example, and better defenses against persistent wildlife. But overall, reviews give the Redmon Compost Bin (starting at $47, Amazon) two green thumbs up.

Jennifer Magid

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