Fiskars Eco Bin Composter Review



With a capacity of 75 gallons, this outdoor compost bin is a nylon mesh cylinder with a lid but no base. It makes a good proving ground for compost thanks to the inflow of air and moisture.

The collapsible structure of this cylindrical outdoor compost bin sets it apart from the competition and is a feature consumers seem to like. Fiskars Eco Bin Composter reviews at Amazon say the bin springs open for setup and folds into a compact shape for storage. Its light weight makes it easy to move around the yard and the bottom-less design, reviewers note, enables worms and other organisms to slither in and add to the action. The nylon mesh cylinder walls lets moisture seep in and lots of air to circulate, although one critical review suggests that so much air dries out and cools the composting mass, thus retarding the process. Additionally, some reviews consider the build too flimsy -- pitchforks can tear through the mesh while churning the heap, and critters easily chew through to get at food scraps -- and a few say it has a tendency to lean over as it fills up.

The Fiskars Eco Bin Composter (starting at $40, Amazon) bin has a lid on top that locks into place and can hold up to 75 gallons.

Although some users consider its openness excessive, for the most part this outdoor compost bin finds favor with consumers. Just follow a few simple guidelines: Be gentle when turning the compost, stake the bin upright, be wary of adding scraps that attract wildlife, and be patient. There’s good compost to be had.

Jennifer Magid

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