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Although our reviewers jumped into their projects with enthusiasm, Paperoni's shortcomings soon became evident.

When it comes to getting the most entertainment value for your dollar, crafts are often a winner in the cheap toy category. An added bonus: cheap craft toys keep little hands busy and restless minds occupied, especially on those long, dreary winter days. The Paperoni Deluxe Studio craft toy is an example of this premise at work.

Paperoni Deluxe Studio crafting kits are based around small spiral rolls of colored paper. A modern take on paper quilling -- without all the work of actually winding the paper -- these cheap craft sets allow children to create their own masterpieces using adhesive templates or 3-D forms. In our Paperoni Deluxe Studio review, it was apparent that our child testers, along with a big sister, took to Paperoni right away.

The enclosed instructions proved easy for our young testers to follow and soon they were off, designing cats and dogs and deciding where to place the sticker "faces." The cheap Paperoni Deluxe Studio set we used for our Paperoni review came with a slew of pre-cut paper rolls as well as several uncut paper "noodles" and a paper cutting tool. The paper cutter seemed child-safe, if a bit flimsy, and it was a big hit with the kids.

Although our Paperoni reviewers jumped into their projects with enthusiasm, Paperoni's shortcomings soon became evident. As one Paperoni review on Toys R Us reports, the adhesive forms lost their stickiness the more they were used or touched, making them less than ideal for multiple uses. Reviews on Walmart are mixed. One father complains that the paper rolls kept falling off of the templates but other parents write in reviews that the cheap craft toy works as intended and keeps their children engaged.

For our young artists, the the Paperoni review experience was mostly positive. Our child testers had a great time creating, didn't get too frustrated when a paper roll or two fell off, and entertained themselves for a few hours.

The Paperoni Deluxe Cutting Studio we were using came with a 2-D template, a 3-D form, and two clear sticky templates for creating your own design or printing one from the company website. When the templates were quickly used up, the kit's usefulness was too. The ability to purchase extra blank templates might help extend the fun, but at just under $10 for the Paperoni crafting kit, we felt we got our money's worth. Still, the appeal may wane if you have to keep buying supplies.

Gina Briles

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