Harumika Starter Kit Review



These cheap design kits, popular in Japan, proved to captivate American girls as well.

Harumika fashion sets first hit the U.S. runway in the summer of 2009. These cheap design kits were already popular in Japan when Bandai introduced them to the western market, and if our Harumika starter kits reviews by child testers are any indicator, American girls find them just as captivating.

We undertook our own Harumika starter kit review by testing the Inspirations Starter Style Set, which comes with a miniature plastic dress form, stylus, fabric swatches, accessories, and sticker embellishments. Our 7-year-old budding fashionistas draped and styled the provided fabric squares and trims into their own clothing creations, using a handy tucking tool and the slots in the back of the form. While doing their Harumika review, the girls particularly seemed to enjoy crafting belts and necklaces out of the stickers included in the kit.

Overall, the Harumika Starter Style Set review was affirmative, although one of our child testers did say she wished the dress form had a head and limbs, making it more like a real person This is feedback Bandai must be hearing often because the company recently launched a line of Harumika mannequins, complete with wigs and extra slots in the arms and legs for making pants and jackets. The mannequin line retails for about $15 compared to less than $10 for the different starter sets.

Users of Harumika style sets overwhelmingly post positive comments in reviews. One 13-year-old girl posting a Harumika starter style sets review on Target's site likes that her inability to draw doesn't hold her back from creating fashions. On Amazon, a review notes that you can extend the life of your cheap Harumika starter set with trips to the local craft store. Young artists can also purchase Harumika Style Accent packs of fabric and accessories for about $6 each.

If you're looking for a cheap arts-and-crafts-style toy that can be used again and again, and added on to at little expense, then Harumika style sets may be the right gift for the holidays.

Gina Briles

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