Canon PowerShot A2400 IS Review



Reviewers laud the consistently high quality of photos captured with this camera, noting their vibrant, accurate colors. The lens is sharp and the camera is easy to use.

The PowerShot A2400 IS (starting at $88, Amazon) is similar to the top-ranked PowerShot A3400 IS but has a regular 2.7-inch LCD instead of a 3-inch touchscreen. Canon PowerShot A2400 IS reviews declare this a good camera if you're snapping photos in good light. But like all the budget cameras we researched, this one struggles with noise or graininess in lower light conditions. Nonetheless, an expert writing a review for CNET found that the camera is capable of snapping photos with accurate, vivid colors. The time it needs to regroup between shots (called the recycling time) is about 2.8 seconds, which is just a little slow, according to the reviewer. One more caveat from this review: The camera can manage only about 180 snapshots before the battery needs recharging, which is a bit below average.

The staff at Digital Camera Info appreciates the sharpness and color accuracy of photos taken with the Canon PowerShot A2400 IS. However, pictures shot in lower light simply show too much noise -- that common hurdle that cheap cameras can't seem to overcome. A Canon Powershot A2400 IS review at PC Mag also criticizes this camera for its poor performance on the higher ISO settings that let users shoot in low light without a flash. On the other hand, the reviewer praises the sharpness of the LCD.

Like other budget models, the Canon PowerShot A2400 IS has a 16MP sensor, ISO settings from 100 to 1600, and an optical image stabilizer. It also has 5x optical zoom. The continuous shooting speed of about 0.9 frames per second won't set any speed records but lets you take shot after shot in a row by holding down the shutter button. The PowerShot A2400 IS supports SD/SDHC/SDXC memory cards and has a USB 2.0 connection for uploading photos.

On pure picture quality, the Canon PowerShot A2400 IS may be a half-step ahead of the competition. Like any model in this price range, it struggles with noise as you increase the ISO, but its color accuracy and the vibrant images it produces have impressed reviewers.

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