Oral-B CrossAction Power Max Whitening Review


The popular Oral-B brand fields two well-regarded electric toothbrushes at the super-cheap end of the market, according to Oral-B CrossAction Power Max Whitening reviews and Oral-B CrossAction Power reviews. As one review on Amazon points out, the Oral-B Cross Action Power Max Whitening Toothbrush is quiet, gentle on sensitive gums, comfortable and easy to use. A consumer posting another review on the Target site says the dentist has given her better reports since she's been using this cheap electric toothbrush and its small size makes it good for travel. On Amazon, CrossAction Power reviews call it awesome, hardy, and an excellent cheap buy given its ease of use, cleaning ability, and durability. Over at Drugstore.com, most reviews are likewise laudatory, with users reporting that it cleans well in hard-to-reach areas and is especially easy to use. We found only a few negative comments in Oral-B CrossAction Power reviews, mostly saying this model is a bit loud.

Similar in features, the Oral-B CrossAction Power Max Whitening Toothbrush (starting at $13, Amazon) and Oral-B CrossAction Power are distinguished by their source of power. The CrossAction Power Max Whitening is rechargeable and the CrossAction Power runs on one disposable AA battery. Both use a dual-action cleaning motion (the head rotates and the bristles are angled in a criss-cross pattern) and replacement heads are cheap (two for about $7.50) and interchangeable with most Oral-B replacement heads. The CrossAction Power Max Whitening has rubberized bristles designed to remove stains while whitening your teeth and the CrossAction Power has indicator tips to signal when the head needs to be replaced. Both have a comfort-grip handle.

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Bed Bath & Beyond
Bed Bath & Beyond

We like these two Oral-B CrossAction electric toothbrushes. Both models are affordable, and the CrossAction Power is particularly cheap. Users say they each do a good job cleaning teeth, reducing gingivitis, and even making teeth whiter. Either model would be a boon to your daily dental hygiene routine.

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