Verbatim Titan XS Review


Think Twice

Verbatim's Titan XS offers a competitive cost per gigabyte and has pretty fast USB 2.0 speeds. But the drive doesn't support USB 3.0 connections and still costs close to $90.

The Verbatim Titan XS (starting at $86, Amazon) is an older-model hard drive that lacks USB 3.0 support, but Verbatim Titan XS reviews indicate its software and performance are good enough to satisfy most users. A review posted at Maximum CPU gives the drive's rubbery outer shell a thumbs up and raves about the operational ease of the bundled backup software, which is manufactured by Nero, a popular software maker. This review also clocks the drive's average data transfer rate at about 30MB/s, which counts as pretty fast in the USB 2.0 universe. The review by Computer Shopper, lauds the slim profile but dings the rubber casing, saying it attracts dust and is hard to clean. It also grumbles about the too-short cable, which measures less than 4 inches compared to the more common 18 inches. Users post similar comments in Verbatim Titan XS reviews on Amazon and likewise conclude that it performs well enough for a portable hard drive with a USB 2.0 interface.

The Verbatim Titan XS comes with 500GB of storage space, spins at 5,400RPM, and is Mac compatible with reformatting. Perhaps its best feature is the included Nero backup software, a strong product from a well-respected company. The drive measures 3 x 4.3 x 0.6 inches and weighs 5.5 ounces. It comes with an unusually long seven-year warranty.

Despite the included software, the generous warranty, and the good data transfer speeds, the Verbatim Titan XS seems pricey given its USB 2.0 limitations. The competition has moved to USB 3.0 compatibility and it's time for Verbatim to do the same.

Michael Sweet

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