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Cheap Games and Puzzles Buying Guide

The makers of the award-winning cheap word game Bananagrams (starting at $15) introduced two cheap games for girls and boys in 2010: Appletters (starting at $12) and Pairs in Pears (starting at $12), both of which introduce young spellers to Scrabble-like strategy. Milton Bradley's updated Connect 4 x 4 sells for a starting price of $17, but the original Connect 4 is available for as little as $7.

Classic favorites that go over just as well with boys as girls, such as Monopoly (starting at $10), Yahtzee (starting at $10), Uno (starting at $7), and SkipBo (starting at $6), can also be purchased at bargain prices. An added and free bonus: the opportunity to pass along a personal favorite from your childhood to the next generation.

Board games and puzzles are an excellent way to introduce concepts of fair play and strategy to children. Cheap games help them experience winning and losing in a non-threatening environment that just happens to be fun, as well. And, as we found during our in-person toys reviews, cheap games are a particularly good choice for children with siblings because most are appropriate for a wide range of ages. Spot It, a favorite of our child testers, appealed not only to our 7-year-old tester, but to her 9-year-old sister, 4-year-old brother, and even her mom and dad. (See our full review and video review.) Bananagrams, Appletters, and Pairs in Pears also have cognitive value; as one parent points out in a toys review on Epinions, these cheap toys for boys and girls can help youngsters with word-building and spelling.

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See also our full review of Scrambled States of America, an educational game.

Cheap games are often quite durable, and we didn't notice any negative comments in toys reviews about how our choices hold up. Perhaps the only significant downside to cheap games for girls and boys is that they can't be played alone. If the intended recipient prefers to play on her or his own, or doesn't have siblings or lots of play dates, a cheap game may not be the best choice.

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