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Weber One Touch Gold 22.5 Review
Weber One Touch Gold 22.5 4 Star Rating: Cheapism Good Pick

Weber One-Touch Gold reviews are generally excellent. At Walmart, most reviewers give this charcoal grill a five-star rating, in part because it's easy to use and easy to clean. Weber One-Touch reviews posted on Amazon are similarly glowing; consumers rave about the high quality of the construction, especially compared with other low-cost models.

The Weber One-Touch Gold 22.5 (starting at $149, Amazon) features 398 square inches of cooking surface, plated steel grates, and a durable porcelain-enameled steel lid. Weber's One-Touch cleaning system makes cleanup quick and easy, users say: Flip a switch and the ash from the bottom of the grill empties into the ash catcher.

Weber produces several cheaper versions of this already low-priced charcoal barbecue. The Weber One-Touch Silver 18.5 (starting at $79) provides about two-thirds the cooking surface, with 270 square inches. It sports the same features as the Weber One-Touch Gold 22.5, including the One-Touch cleaning system. The only other difference -- aside from size and cost -- is that the Silver model has an ash plate, and Weber One-Touch reviews note that it doesn't contain the ashes as well as the ash catcher in the Gold model.

Virtually every buying guide on grills includes a Weber model; the brand is all but synonymous with barbecue grills. Unfortunately most Weber grills are out of our price range, so this is a welcome exception. Weber grills come with a 10-year limited warranty for the bowl, lid, and nylon handles and a two-year limited warranty for the grates and other parts, an indication that these grills are built to last. The overwhelmingly positive reviews convince us that if you want a long-lasting, inexpensive charcoal grill, the Weber One-Touch Gold and Silver are solid choices.

by Raechel Conover (Google+ Profile) – April 22, 2013
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