Sennheiser HD 219s Review


Sennheiser products rarely come cheap, but they generally enjoy a warm reception from critics, so we turned to Sennheiser HD 219s reviews to find out if that holds true for one of the more affordable pairs in the company's lineup (starting at $49, Amazon). Alas, this on-ear model earns only 3 stars out of 5 from a PC Mag reviewer. The headphones' audio is crisp, according to the expert, and the highs sound especially sharp. But the bass is lacking and sounds distorted at higher volumes. The Sennheiser HD 219s headphones include an inline mic so you can take calls on a smartphone. The PC Mag reviewer observes that calls sound quite good through these headphones. Amazon users agree that the mic does its job well and many seem to share the PC Mag expert's assessment that the base should be more powerful. They appreciate the overall sound quality, though, and say the headphones are comfortable. A few users mention that they feel like this model is cheaply made, but we saw no reports of breakage or tendency to malfunction in Sennheiser HD 219s reviews.

The Sennheiser HD 219s headphones' frequency response is from 19 Hz to 21 kHz, about the same as the other models we researched. These on-ear headphones have a higher sensitivity than most headphones, though, at 108 dB. In addition to the mic, they also include integrated volume control, which no doubt contributes to their higher price. The cable is just short of 4 feet long.

If you're willing to spend a little extra for the convenience of an integrated mic and volume control, the Sennheiser HD 219s headphones may be a decent choice. If you love deep, pounding bass, however, these headphones are not for you.

Michael Sweet

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