JVC Flats Review



If you prefer on-ear headphones to earbuds, these are the way to go. Colorful and cheap, the JVC Flats have detailed, clean, well-balanced audio with enough bass to keep your feet tapping.

JVC is one of the best-known names in audio electronics, and JVC Flats reviews show that this company knows how to make a good product at a budget price. An expert from CNET likes the clean and detailed sound the JVC Flats deliver. He notes a little distortion at high volumes, however. The bass is a little on the light side, as well, although the reviewer says it's still strong enough to satisfy. The on-ear headphones are comfortable, too, the review concludes. Walmart users agree that the JVC Flats feel comfortable to wear. In JVC Flats reviews at Best Buy, shoppers give the headphones credit for clarity and declare them a great value considering how nice they sound.

The JVC Flats (starting at $12, Amazon) are on-ear headphones with a wide 12 Hz to 24 kHz frequency response and solid 103 dB sensitivity. The cord is 4 feet long. The headphones come in six iPod-Nano-matching colors.

The JVC Flats are definitely no-frills headphones. This pair is almost entirely lacking in extra features compared with other on-ear models -- no built-in remote control, no carrying case, just the headphones, thank you. But the JVC Flats serve up very good sound at an oh-so-cheap price. On-ear headphones typically cost more than earbuds, but these show that an on-ear model can deliver performance at a competitive price.

Michael Sweet

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