Sony MDR-ZX100 Review


Think Twice

These on-ear headphones are comfortable to wear, but reviewers have found the bass lacking. Although the ZX Series headphones do have many fans, you can find better for less.

These on-ear headphones are modestly priced (starting at $15, Amazon) and they serve their purpose pretty well, according to many Sony MDR-ZX100 reviews. Shoppers at Amazon describe the sound as clear and balanced. The highs and mids sound particularly good, they say, although the bass is a little lacking. Sony MDR-ZX100 reviews on Amazon also note that the headphones feel comfortable. In comments posted on the Walmart website, consumers agree that these ZX Series headphones don't have very strong bass, but they're lightweight and comfortable. Shoppers seem to feel they're a good value overall. However, some users noticed distortion though these headphones. Sony MDR-ZX100 reviews at Best Buy generally declare them sturdy and comfortable.

The Sony MDR-ZX100 has a 12 Hz to 22 kHz frequency response and sensitivity of 100 dB, a measure of the volume generated by a milliwatt of power. The cord is just shy of 4 feet long, nearly as good as consumers can expect in this price range, yet reviewers on multiple sites comment that they wish it were longer. Like most budget headphones, the Sony MDR-ZX100 model doesn't really have any extra features such as a built-in mic or volume control. These headphones are available in four colors: black, blue, red, and white.

Where to buy

The consensus on the Sony MDR-ZX100: These headphones are OK but not great. The sound is respectable and users like the fit and feel, but this model is a bit more expensive than other, better-sounding budget headphones we looked at. Without any extra or unique features to set these headphones apart from the competition, they end up being decent but perhaps slightly overpriced.

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