Nevados Hiking Boots Review


Think Twice

Many Nevados hiking shoes and boots are half the price of others we researched, but they garner mixed reviews at best. Users record complaints ranging from poor fit no matter what size they try to insoles and outsoles that wear out fast. Reviews also mention that these might be fine for everyday but too heavy for hiking.

A few common threads run through Nevados hiking boots reviews online. One of the most prominent is an apparent lack of cushioning and shock absorption in the soles. On, a reviewer commenting on the men's Boomerang Lo (starting at $40, Amazon) gripes that wearing these hiking shoes is no better than walking barefoot. The same complaint is voiced in Nevados hiking boots reviews on Amazon, where customers complain they can feel every little pebble beneath their feet. The outsoles also don't appear very durable. Several reviewers report that the tread on the men's Boomerang Lo has worn down within weeks. Nevados hiking boots do seem to have served buyers well as everyday shoes, particularly in the winter.

Nevados makes low-cut hiking shoes and mid-cut boots for men and women that start at about half the price of our top picks, making them an appealing option for consumers shopping on price alone. Most of these inexpensive shoes have suede uppers and incorporate less breathable mesh fabric than our recommended boots, which are notably lightweight and breathable. Other than that, a lack of detail in the descriptions of most Nevados hiking boots raises skepticism about the brand. The company offers few specifics about the materials it uses.

Nevados hiking boot reviews suggest some inconsistency in the fit; a lot of the negative feedback online centers on sizing. In general it seems that consumers who spend a bit more money can count on a more comfortable, durable shoe and still stay within a $100 budget.

Raechel Conover

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