Honda Civic Hybrid Review


The Honda Civic has been a sort of everyman vehicle for years. It's extremely popular, reliable, and unpretentious -- a sturdy but unremarkable fly on the wall of car culture. The hybrid version, for good or ill, continues that tradition, according Civic Hybrid reviews, at a price more than $8,000 higher than the regular model. Its 44 mpg fuel economy helps it stand out -- especially in the city, where the standard Civic registers 28 mpg.

The car isn't particularly flashy, and as an expert from Car and Driver points out in a Civic Hybrid review, it doesn't have a lot of muscle under the hood. The reviewer clocked the Civic's time from 0 to 60 at a pokey 10 seconds. A review at MotorWeek calls the car's styling outdated, but it's quiet on the road and impresses the reviewer with its gas mileage. Still, the MotorWeek expert doesn't think much of the handling and complains that the Civic Hybrid suffers from a lot of body roll, where the car leans toward the outside of a turn. A reviewer from Automobile magazine is impressed with the Civic's comfortable, roomy interior, which totals 94.6 cubic feet for five passengers.

The Civic Hybrid is a four-cylinder, front-wheel-drive car that claims gas mileage of 44 mpg city and highway, making it one of the more efficient hybrids on the market. Automatic climate control is standard on the Civic, as is Bluetooth support, power windows and door locks, cruise control, a USB port, and a six-speaker audio system with CD player.

The Civic Hybrid is pretty typical of the Civic line. It's not terribly exciting in any particular way, but it has nice features and lives up to its promise as a solid, fuel-efficient car.

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