Stalion Sports Armband Review


An armband allows runners, athletes, and gym goers to have a phone with them while they exercise (to listen to music or check their notifications) without having to hold onto it or let it bounce around in a pocket. The Stalion Sports Armband (starting at $12, Amazon) is designed to hold an iPhone 5, 5S, or 5C, fitting securely on the upper arm with an adjustable band and protecting the phone from damage.

In Stalion Sports Armband reviews, consumers have overwhelming praise for this case. A hockey coach comments on Amazon that she regularly runs for miles with her team and this armband doesn't slip or itch. Others concur that it stays put when they move around and is remarkably unobtrusive.

The Stalion armband is constructed with a lightweight neoprene material that is water-resistant, sweat-proof, and washable. The arm strap is made of breathable Velcro. The cover is clear, so the phone's face is visible, and scratch-proof for protection. The sleeve that holds the phone has slots for inserting headphones and a charging cable. A small pocket can hold a key, card, or cash.

One drawback is that bulkier cases won't fit into the sleeve; some users don't like having to uncase their phones in order to use the armband. Very thin cases seem to fit, however. A larger concern with the Stalion armband is its size. Multiple reviewers express disappointment that it's too big for their arms. The circumference of the Velcro band can be adjusted from 10 inches to 14 inches. One reviewer who posted on Amazon identifies herself as a petite woman and reports that this armband doesn't fit her. Even so, a majority of reviewers seem to find the fit acceptable.

Stalion offers a lifetime warranty on this product. Overall the Stalion Sports Armband is our top pick among cheap iPhone armbands.

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