Murray M22500 Review


Think Twice

This self-propelled gas mower works perfectly well, reviewers say, until it doesn't. We saw too many reports of pieces breaking off and the mower ceasing to function. It can also be difficult to start.

The Murray M22500 has an appealing price for a gas lawn mower (starting at $172), but online feedback is divided. Reviewers who are fond of this mower say it's easy to put together and push, and it cuts pretty well. On the other hand, it's made mostly of plastic that doesn't seem to stand up to everyday use. According to Murray M22500 reviews on the Walmart website, the oil and/or gas cap is the first piece to break off. Other problem areas: the pull cord and the part of the deck where the engine is mounted.

With a 140 cc Briggs & Stratton engine, this lawn mower does not have a huge amount of power, but for the price, users don't expect much. Murray's Prime 'N Pull E-Z Starting System is supposed to make starting a breeze, and most reviewers appreciate that they don't have to choke or prime the engine. However, several report persistent problems starting up the mower or report that it died after several uses. A few mention that the lawn mower pooped out after hitting a patch of rough (i.e., not pancake-flat) terrain with grass any taller than 4 inches. The high rear wheels, which measure 12 inches compared with 7 inches in the front, are designed to make it easy to maneuver on uneven ground. Some experts, though, say it's easier to handle a lawn mower and tilt it backward to turn around when all four wheels are the same size.

The Murray M22500 has a 22-inch deck and five settings to control the height of the cutting blade. The adjustment must be made on the wheels, whereas the cutting height on other mowers can be adjusted with a single lever on the handle. There are two methods of grass disposal: mulching and side discharge. Users simply put a cap on the cutting deck when they want to mulch the grass and remove it to discharge the grass out the side. No collection bag is included with this mower. There is also no wash-out port or hose attachment for cleaning underneath the deck.

Many reviewers are pleased with the job this mower does on small to medium-size yards -- as long as it starts and keeps working. The Murray M22500 comes with a limited two-year warranty.

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