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Ariens 2-in-1
Where to Buy Ariens 2-in-1

Ariens 2-in-1 reviews range from middling to poor. On the Home Depot website, users mostly complain about starting problems. Some report struggles starting a cold mower and others note difficulties with a hot mower. One consumer says it took three tries and then the machine died, only to start up again after a 10-minute effort. Another says the mower ran out of gas mid-mow and, after refilling, he pulled the cord 45 times until the unit came back to life. Although a few consumers insist the mower starts right up, others say nothing they did could get the mower to start. As for the machine's cutting abilities, Ariens 2-in-1 reviews are relatively positive -- from consumers who actually got the mower going, that is. Some say its 80-pound weight ensures a good cut and the self-propel function helps keep you moving along, but others say it gets bogged down in taller grass.

The Ariens 2-in-1 (starting at $229) is a front-wheel-drive mower with a four-cycle engine that takes high-octane gas only, rather than the oil-gas mixture needed for two-cycle engines. The tank holds a gallon of fuel. This mower sports a 21-inch cutting deck, five cutting heights between 1.5 and 3.5 inches, and four 8-inch wheels. The description of this Home Depot exclusive on the retailer's website says it boasts mulching, bagging, and side-discharge capabilities, but it's labeled a 2-in-1, which leaves us wondering about which function it really doesn't perform. (Our best guess: the side discharge.)

The big question is, why bother with this model? There's no good answer.

by Elizabeth Sheer (Google+ Profile) – May 8, 2015
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