Weed Eater FB25 Review


At 8.1 pounds, this is a remarkably easy-to-handle gas blower that isn't uber-powerful but can still take care of most chores around a deck, driveway, or small yard.

For a gas blower, the Weed Eater FB25 (starting at $80, Amazon) is remarkably light, at 8.1 pounds, and users posting Weed Eater FB25 reviews say it is easy to carry around. One of the problems with gas-powered blowers is vibration in the handle, but the handle on this machine is constructed to reduce vibration. The jury is out on whether this actually works. Some users posting reviews say there is less vibration, but some say there's more. One user who posted a review on Amazon finds the design of the handle a bit clumsy.

Many consumers note in Weed Eater FB25 reviews at Lowe's that they bought a new FB25 to replace an older one that either wore out or just got too old. One put the old FB25 in a garage sale after 12 years and bought the same model again. Still, there are reports of it sparking or simply stopping after a season or two.

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The Weed Eater FB25 has a 25 cc, two-cycle engine and a variable speed throttle. At 290 CFM and 170 mph, this blower is fairly powerful, although not overly so. Some suggest that if you have huge piles of leaves to blow, a higher CFM might be in order, as this machine does not blow out a large volume of air. Users find that it starts easily -- within three or four pulls, according to Weed Eater FB25 reviews. The air intake is on the bottom, which should minimize pulling on clothing. Its emission levels are not CARB compliant, so it cannot be sold in California. At maximum speed, the Weed Eater FB25 runs at just about 70 decibels, which is not noisy for a gas blower but definitely requires ear protection. Overall this blower seems to have what it takes to handle most household chores for a very decent price.

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