Husqvarna 130BT Review


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Pros: The Husqvarna 130BT (starting at $230; available on Amazon) isn't cheap compared with handheld leaf blowers, but users say it's a good value for a backpack-style blower, and it might be worth a splurge for consumers with big yards. Consumer product experts give it high marks for moving leaves as well as loosening yard debris embedded in the grass. Popular Mechanics, in particular, commends a strong, focused air stream that moves even wet leaves with ease. Reviewers on Amazon mostly agree, reporting satisfactory performance in yards up to 2 acres. The Husqvarna 130BT also draws raves for ease of use, with owners saying it feels light and the padded harness is comfortable to wear. There are few complaints about noise, which is a definite plus considering the unit's proximity to the ears of the person wearing it.

Cons: Some users do complain that the Husqvarna 130BT can be tough to start, a common issue with gas-powered blowers that have pull strings, and others wish it came with a flat-end nozzle. Several reviewers simply find the 29.5 cc engine underpowered, especially compared with other backpack blowers intended for commercial use.

Features: The Husqvarna 130BT weighs about 14.5 pounds, which is light for a backpack-style blower. It has a 145 mph maximum air speed and a maximum velocity of just over 374 cubic feet per minute. The X-Torq engine is said to be designed for lower emissions and better fuel efficiency. This leaf blower does not have a vacuum or mulching mode. Other features include an adjustable, rubberized, ergonomic handle and a variable speed throttle that can be set at a specific level. The manufacturer lists noise at the operator's ear as 91 decibels, but consumer product experts indicate that it comes in close to a 65-decibel threshold in tests of noise 50 feet away; The Sweethome puts it at 69 decibels. The warranty coverage is two years.

Takeaway: Buyers who know they aren't getting a commercial-grade backpack leaf blower should be satisfied with the Husqvarna 130BT. It's an affordable option for homeowners with big yards and mature trees who need a step up in power and comfort from handheld blowers.