Insignia NS-48DR420NA16 Review


Insignia relies on Roku's dead-simple yet powerful smart TV interface, which lets users control up to 2,000 apps with ease. The colors on this 48-inch TV are more accurate than most, and it also has pretty wide viewing angles.

Best Buy's Insignia is one of many brands incorporating the highly regarded Roku interface into its Wi-Fi-enabled TVs. The smart TV interface is dead simple to use, even as it accommodates up to 2,000 apps and streaming video channels. A CNET reviewer gives a thumbs-up to the DR420NA16 series for the Roku interface and the fact that models such as the 48-inch Insignia NS-48DR420NA16 (starting at $430) are so cheap. The reviewer appreciates the color accuracy of the 55-inch version the site tested and notes that its contrast is pretty good for a budget model. Its black levels are also on par with the competition, which is to say they're respectable though a little washed out. Another point in this series' favor, according to the CNET reviewer, is that the TVs have pretty wide viewing angles.

A PCMag reviewer is likewise very satisfied with the picture quality, although not wowed. He notes that the black levels aren't particularly great and users can't fine-tune the color, which is just a little off but still pretty good considering the price. Skin tones looked natural, although greens seemed a bit pale. This expert lauds the Roku interface and concludes that the DR420NA16 series is a good buy overall.

Insignia DR420NA16 series TVs are available in four sizes: 55 inches, 48 inches, 40 inches, and 32 inches. The 48-inch Insignia NS-48DR420NA16 is a 1080P LED TV with a 60 Hz refresh rate. It includes three HDMI ports, one component/composite port, and a USB port. The lack of an Ethernet port is common for a budget TV.

The Insignia DR420NA16 series is one of the better deals in TVs. The price for a 48-inch display is very competitive and the picture is just a little better than average for a budget TV. The Roku interface is probably the best selling point of the Insignia NS-48DR420NA16.

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