SwissGear SA8395 Upright Review


The SwissGear SA8395 Upright comes fully lined with plenty of packing space, but some users complain about troublesome components, including zippers, handles, and wheels.

SwissGear SA8395 Upright reviewers are of mixed minds about this small upright. On the one hand, reviews enthuse about the design. They point to the easy-rolling wheels, the roomy interior (enough for a two-week jaunt, according to a SwissGear SA8395 review at Amazon), and the laptop compartment that's accessible without opening the entire bag. (One review cautions, however, that the spine of the retractable handle may push against and damage the computer.) On the other hand, even some reviewers who praise the bag's efficiency and convenience bemoan its limited durability, citing problems such as zippers and wheels that fall off, plastic buckles that break, and a handle that doesn't retract.

The SwissGear SA8395 (starting at $70, Amazon) is an upright rolling suitcase made entirely from polyester. The bag features a retractable telescoping handle, side and top carrying handles, a front flap that expands up to two inches, two front zip pouches plus another for travel documents, and a side-zip pouch for a laptop up to 17 inches. Inside are several more pockets and a designated toiletry pouch. The bag weighs about 10 pounds and measures 20x13x12 inches. Under new carry-on size restrictions, the SwissGear SA8395 is too wide and deep to bring on board.

Given the absence of any compelling features and concerns about durability, frugal shoppers might do better with other small, budget-priced uprights.

Jeremy Bender

Jeremy Bender is currently an editorial intern at Business Insider. Previously he has written for BuzzFeed and a host of blogs. He is constantly frugal, and finds every way possible to pinch the few pennies he has.

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