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Cheap Monitors Buying Guide

Monitors often are little more than an afterthought for home computer users. After all, many computer manufacturers and electronics retailers give away flat-panel displays as part of a desktop package.

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The packages aren't a bad deal, but not everyone needs a new monitor with a new PC, and there are plenty of users who simply want to replace their old monitor with a new, cheap monitor. Given the variety and quality available, you'll have no trouble finding a good cheap monitor in the $100-$200 range.

Some of the most familiar names in monitors include Samsung, Asus, HP, ViewSonic, Acer, Gateway, Dell, AOC, and Apple. Our favorite cheap monitors are the Asus VS229H-P (starting at $153) and the Acer S230HL Abii (starting at $170), both of which score for sharp and vivid displays. Falling in line behind these best cheap monitors are the HP 2011xi (starting at $150) and the Dell S2230MX (starting at $140), which also boast excellent displays but lag on features (the former) and build quality (the latter). The ViewSonic VA2448M (starting at $180) can't keep up with our top picks, burdened as it is by weakness in performance and physical characteristics.

When you look at the features and specifications for cheap monitors, you'll notice that many are nearly the same. The majority of cheap monitors come with LED backlighting, native resolution of 1920x1080, response time of 2ms or 5ms, static contrast ratio in the neighborhood of 1000:1, and a combination of inputs, such as HDMI, DVI-D, and D-sub (or VGA). We prefer monitors with at least one HDMI port, but you can't always get what you want at these price points. If you plan to watch Blu-ray movies on a cheap monitor, make sure it supports a resolution of 1080p.

Similar specifications don't necessarily lead to similar performance, however. The most important attribute of a computer monitor, cheap or otherwise, is, of course, picture quality. Picture quality is influenced by a variety of factors such as color accuracy, grayscale representation, brightness, and vibrancy. Expert reviewers use tests to measure these criteria, but users rely on their subjective impressions of the display. Reviews posted by experts and home users indicate that our picks easily hit the mark with bright and clear displays. (Tip: A bit of human intervention may be necessary to counter the factory default settings. Let personal preferences rule.)

Higher-priced monitors, when stacked against cheap monitors, stand tall for the array of extra features they provide -- a built-in Web cam, for example, or LCD panel technology that displays color more accurately. IPS (in-plane switching) displays, with their wider viewing angles and superb color, tend to be very expensive, although a new and more affordable IPS technology has been filtering down into some cheap monitors. Also, large monitors (more than 24 inches) are more expensive than the smaller displays in the Cheapism price range.

All things considered, a cheap monitor should be more than adequate for most consumers' daily needs, from word processing to video viewing to gaming.

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by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile)

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Best Cheap LCD Monitors

Asus VS229H-P
Gold Medal

Asus VS229H-P

The Asus VS229H-P is the clear winner among the monitors we reviewed. It's an IPS display with excellent color, brightness, and overall image quality and yet, incredibly affordable.

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Acer S230HL Abii
Gold Medal

Acer S230HL Abii

Consumers and experts laud the brilliant color and sharp picture on the Acer S230HL Abii, which is one of the few cheap displays with two HDMI ports.

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Good Cheap LCD Monitors

HP 2011xi
Gold Medal

HP 2011xi

The brand-spanking new HP 2011xi is an affordable IPS monitor that delivers rich color and wide viewing angles. Its lower-than-average native resolution of 1600x900, slow-ish response time, and lack of HDMI input may turn off some potential buyers.

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Dell S2230MX
Gold Medal

Dell S2230MX

The most affordable monitor among our picks, the Dell S2230MX presents vibrant, accurate colors and deep black levels. Critics say the build feels flimsy and it's missing an HDMI port.

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Don't Bother

ViewSonic VA2448M

The ViewSonic VA2448M's greatest weakness is an unstable stand, which causes the monitor to wobble; it also lacks an HDMI input. Many users say the display is bright, with good sharpness and vibrancy, but experts aren't convinced.

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