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HP 2311x
Where to Buy HP 2311x

HP's 2311x (starting at $168, Amazon) displays a pretty picture for the most part but experts and consumers have some nitpicks about this 23-inch monitor. An HP 2311x review at CNET notes the bright colors overall and says they're vibrant and rich when playing games and watching Blu-ray movies. However, the review continues, photos present with a very slight greenish hue and the build quality seems less than first-rate. An expert at Gadget Review commends the design decision to place the inputs facing out to the side rather than down, which facilitates connecting the monitor to other devices. The expert echoes other favorable comments about picture quality and vibrant colors and further states that no ghosting emerged during product testing. On the other hand, the reviewer describes the sharpness and contrast as "lackluster."

Consumers generally have a positive view of this monitor, although a small number of HP 2311x reviews posted at Amazon complain about the firmware: If you want to switch from one input type to another, say from HDMI to DVI, according to users, the initial input must be connected already or the monitor will stop displaying, and it's a hassle to bring it back up.

This is a widescreen 23-inch LED display with a 1920x1080 maximum resolution and a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. The 250cd/m brightness is typical for a monitor in this price range. The 5ms response time is a little bit slow for a display with TN technology, but is apparently fast enough to prevent ghosting. The 2311x features an HDMI input, a DVI-D input, and a VGA input and comes with DVI and VGA cables. The monitor has earned an Energy Star and it tilts for viewing comfort.

The 2311x is a solid monitor for an attractively low price. The color and picture may not be perfect, but it's better than just good. Gamers and fans of fast-paced films shouldn't notice any ghosting and will enjoy bright, vibrant colors. We also like the side-pointing ports and would welcome other manufacturers following suit.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – April 24, 2014
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