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HP 2009m Review
HP 2009m 5 Star Rating: Cheapism Best Pick

The HP 2009m is practically a rock star among cheap monitors. HP 2009m reviews on CNET and PC World praise its outstanding video quality and low price. Consumers are equally laudatory. Users posting reviews on Best Buy, for example, rave about its video performance and ease of use. Reviews on the Walmart site enthusiastically note how easy it is to read text on the display, and also mention the clear picture and excellent contrast. The speakers on the HP 2009m, however, have their share of detractors, including some users posting LCD monitors reviews at Best Buy. This isn't surprising given that the majority of built-in monitor speakers aren't very impressive.

This is a 20-inch display with resolution of 1600x900 - certainly adequate for movies and games, although not equal to the 1920x1080 resolution of some of our other top picks. Still, the monitor has a decent black-to-white-to-black response time (5ms) and a 1000:1 contrast ratio; it does not include an HDMI port, however.

Boasting all the important features, impressive image quality, and a very low price, the HP 2009m is a compelling option for budget shoppers. The simple reason why this monitor is so popular among budget users - it's a great value.

by Michael Sweet (Google+ Profile) – September 6, 2012
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