Dynex DX-NPWLMSE Review



The wireless DX-NPWLMSE mouse from Dynex is cheap enough, but some users report that the buttons stick when clicked.

Dynex's basic wireless mouse is about as cheap a wireless mouse as you'll find, and Dynex DX-NPWLMSE reviews assert it does the job for most anyone on the prowl for a bargain. At Best Buy users indicate they're quite impressed with this mouse and conclude it's an excellent value, citing the quality, comfort, and battery life as evidence. Some users who posted reviews at Amazon agree, although others aired their complaints. These less favorable reviews say the mouse is a bit slow to respond to movement, the batteries give out too quickly, and the mouse buttons sometimes stick when you click them.

The Dynex DX-NPWLMSE (starting at $10, Amazon) wireless mouse is an ambidextrous model that runs on one AA battery (included in the original packaging). The mouse features a low battery indicator that lets you know when the battery should be replaced. Like most cheap computer mice, the Dynex DX-NPWLMSE has two buttons plus a clickable scroll wheel. The mouse contains a tiny wireless USB receiver for sending signals to the PC.

Where to buy

If you prefer a wireless mouse to a wired one but still want to cap your outlay at $15, the Dynex DX-NPWLMSE is almost certainly your best bet. Be aware, though, that it may not work as seamlessly as pricier wireless mice or corded devices. Although most users report smooth mousing, several were stymied by sticky buttons.

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