Act Total Care Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash Review



This mouthwash is the go-to rinse for people who prefer a lighter taste and an alcohol-free product, especially if they want to swish with the kids. Act is also recommended by many dentists.

Overall, this concoction finds favor with users for its good taste (fresh mint) and alcohol-free ingredients list, according to Act Total Care Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash reviews. At sites like Walmart and Amazon users comment on the absence of any burning sensation, which they attribute to the absence of alcohol, and describe it as far more pleasant in the mouth than the high-powered competition. Many Act Total Care Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash reviews also note that the product is recommended by a dentist, and one user happily reports no cavities during the eight years he's been rinsing with it. Reviewers also like the fluoride formula and say this oral rinse makes their mouths and breath feel fresh and clean. One drawback of Act, given its fluoride component, is the necessity of waiting 30 minutes following use before eating or drinking.

Act Total Care Anti-Cavity Fluoride Mouthwash (starting at $0.18/oz., Amazon) comes in 18-ounce and 33-ounce sizes. The smaller bottle is formulated for once-a-day use and the larger bottle, with half the fluoride, is recommended for twice-daily swishing. The active ingredient in this rinse, as suggested by its name, is sodium fluoride, which is considered a key weapon in the fight against tooth decay. The Act Total Care line also includes a version for dry mouth and one with alcohol, Icy Clean Mint, which the company says is even better at defeating bad breath. Other Act mouth rinses present different formulations -- for instance, Sensitive, Restoring, and one for kids.

With a good dose of fluoride in each swish (the maximum amount allowed by law without a prescription), no alcohol, and a mild taste, Act Total Care Anti-Cavity Fluoride mouthwash is painless enough to work into a daily oral hygiene routine.

Sarah McMinn

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