Sony W Series Walkman Review



The 2GB Sony W Series Walkman appeals to athletic types who want a hands-off player, although the headphone design may be a little awkward for some users. This Walkman also produces top-notch sound.

The Sony W Series Walkman is the most unusual budget player in our lineup -- it's built right into a pair of headphones. Experts' Sony W Series Walkman reviews indicate they like the design, but they're even more impressed with the top flight performance. A W Series Walkman review at Tech Hive declares it an Editor's Choice for the excellent audio quality, particularly the solid bass. Despite enthusiastic applause for the design, the expert notes that the controls, which are built into the side of the headphones, take some getting used to. An expert Sony W Series Walkman review at CNET praises the light weight, clear audio, and stellar, deep bass. At Men's Health, a W Series Walkman review gives a shout out to the quick-charge feature, which gives you 60 minutes of playback following a three-minute charge; the snug fit also merits a mention. Sony W Series Walkman reviews posted at B & H by consumers report that the headpieces sit easily, comfortably, and securely over your ears (even while running) and there are no wires getting in your way. Several users, however, lament the absence of a button for fast forward and rewind.

The W Series Walkman (starting at $50, Amazon) is a fairly basic player in terms of features and functions -- the headphone design doesn't leave a lot of room for extras such as a screen or voice recorder. For anyone who fears the 2GB of storage seems a bit skimpy, a 4GB version is also available. The W Series boasts good audio file support, with the ability to play MP3, WMA, AAC-LC, and L-PCM file types. A full 1.5-hour charge should provide up to eight hours of playback.

The headphone design of Sony's W Series Walkman will appeal to athletic types who need a lightweight, unobtrusive player for their workouts or to anyone bothered by dangling wires. Most budget MP3 players are small and lightweight and many can clip to your clothes, but that doesn't quite match the convenience of the W Series headphone design. Another point in its favor: this is the best sounding low-cost MP3 player of the bunch.

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