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4inkjets' printer cartridges dispense high-quality ink, and we found far fewer customer complaints about this company -- regarding both products and service -- than any other we researched.

4inkjets earns more kudos in reviews than just about any other printer ink company. One site that only reviews printer ink asserts that 4inkjets uses the highest quality ink the experts have tested, and the ink seems nearly identical to that sold by original cartridge manufacturers. Consumers who posted 4inkjets reviews at Pricegrabber generally give the company a thumbs-up, saying that placing orders is a snap and the products arrive quickly. Users also appreciate 4inkjets' competitive prices and product quality, which they contend beats out the third-party competition. The good news notwithstanding, 4inkjets also garners a number of negative reviews, although proportionally fewer than other replacement cartridge vendors. Some older posts at Epinions complain about leaky cartridges, ink that deteriorates over time, and slow deliveries; a handful of newer reviews found at Reseller Ratings echo these comments, one even reporting that the ink colors were screwed up, with the red cartridge filled with green ink and a yellow cartridge that printed gray. Still, 4inkjets finds its groove at this site with hundreds of five-star reviews.

4inkjets offers remanufactured, compatible, and OEM ink cartridges. Shipping for all orders under $50 includes a flat $4.95 fee, but orders exceeding $50 ship free in the contiguous U.S. The company offers a one-year guarantee on cartridges, and unopened merchandise can be returned for a full refund or credit. Customers also have one year to return a defective cartridge to qualify for a refund or credit. 4inkjets' customer service hours are Monday through Friday, 5am to 7pm PST, and Saturday and Sunday from 7am to 4pm PST. Live chat is also available.

In a business where quality products and good customer service often seem scarce, 4inkjets rises above the rest. Printer cartridges aren't always perfect and orders sometimes go missing, but prices are competitive and 4inkjets' return policy and track record for satisfying customers looks smoother than others.

Michael Sweet

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