Troy-Bilt Bronco Review



This Troy-Bilt model is a good basic mower for small-ish yards that don't have a lot of hills or obstructions. It has a 42-inch cutting path, 18-inch turn radius, 20 hp engine, and continuously variable auto-drive transmission controlled by foot pedals. Despite some maintenance headaches, users have found this lawn tractor to be a good buy on balance.

Troy-Bilt Bronco reviews on the company's website and the Lowe's website (many overlap) offer hat-tips to this model (13YX78KS011) for doing exactly what it is supposed to do. For the most part, they say it's solidly built and has plenty of power, yet manages to be relatively quiet. A minority of the reviews grouse about excessive maintenance and servicing requirements and a frequent need to replace parts. However, most of those complaints are at least a couple of years old, which suggests that they refer to earlier models. Indeed, such complaints led us to warn consumers off a previous version, model number 13AX78KS011. Reviews suggest that more recent models deliver improved performance and happier customers have since weighed in to vouch for the Bronco's longevity.

The Troy-Bilt Bronco (starting at $1,199) boasts some standard features for lawn tractors in this price range, including a 20-horsepower, single-cylinder Kohler engine; an automatic transmission; and two anti-scalp wheels. The 42-inch cutting deck can be set to five different positions and cut grass up to 4 inches. The Troy-Bilt Bronco has a maximum forward speed of more than 5 mph and features an 18-inch turning radius. Unlike some other low-cost lawn tractors, though, it doesn't mow in reverse -- a matter of much consternation among reviewers. This is a very basic mower that does not come with any extras besides a cup holder and an adjustable seat. Consumers must purchase a 2-bin bagger or mulching kit separately. The fuel tank holds 1.4 gallons.

While the durability issues are certainly a concern, they pop up in evaluations of every low-cost riding mower. Troy-Bilt Bronco reviews indicate that this lawn tractor serves owners well as long as they don't use it on rough, hilly terrain or try to pull heavy attachments. For a consumer who simply needs to mow a flat and easy lawn of 1 to 2 acres, this model could be a good value.

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