Elite Home ESC-9008X Review



The news is accurate with this digital scale, say reviews, even when compared to professional-grade models. It features step on/step off technology and a memory that reports gains and losses.

One of the neat things about this scale, according to Elite Home ESC-9008X reviews, is that it remembers what you weighed last time you stepped on and tells you how much you've gained or lost at the next weigh-in. This memory function is a real motivator, say users posting reviews on the Target website, who also prize its accuracy. Moreover, consumers appreciate that the display reverts to zero when you step off (no telltale reports for the next user!), and say readouts match the news delivered in the doctor's office.

We didn't find any specs for the LCD digital display, nor did we find any gripes about difficulty reading the numbers from a standing position. This scale can give weights up to 400 pounds in increments of 0.2 pounds. It runs on a lithium battery, which comes with the purchase; a low-battery indicator tells you when it needs replacing. The easy-to-clean, tempered glass platform measures 14 x 13 x 3 inches; the aesthetic is definitely modern.

The Elite Home ESC-9008X (starting at $22, Amazon) is a digital scale that sits comfortably in the cheap price range. Although there aren't many reviews for this model, it's clearly one that wins over users for its value and performance.

Maralyn Edid

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