Taylor Precision 7329 Lithium Electronic Scale Review



A very cheap digital scale with a large readout that's prized for its value but not always for its accuracy.

Taylor is an established scale maker, and Taylor Precision 7329B Lithium Electronic Scale reviews indicate that this super-cheap offering hits the sweet spot with users for being simple, easy to read, and lightweight. Reviews posted on Walmart tell of reading the display without the need for glasses and of seeing a weight that comes within ounces of the doctor's scale. In addition, users like the low price, feature set, and sleek look. And yet, some bathroom scale reviews grouse about inaccurate weight reports -- by as much as 20 pounds, claims one -- and others note inconsistent readings from one Taylor Precision 7329B Electronic Scale to the next. Limited durability seems to afflict some units.

The Taylor Precision 7329B Electronic Scale (starting at $13, Amazon) features a 1" LCD readout, and a 14.5"-square silver platform with a textured black mat sitting 2.5" high. It can handle weights up to 330 pounds (or 150 kilograms) measured in 0.2-pound (0.1-kilogram) increments. It powers up when you step on, and returns to zero and powers off when you step down. It comes with a lithium battery and the display includes a low-battery indicator.

This is a basic scale with few bells and whistles, but that seems to be just what users value. And as one consumer notes in a Taylor Precision 7329B Electronic Scale revew on Meijer, you can actually use this scale without poring over the owner's manual. How many digital products can you say that about these days?

Maralyn Edid

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