Taylor LED Superbrite Scale Review


Think Twice

Low cost and easy-to-read display are the positives, but users' gripes about inaccurate weight reports and problems with durability are more compelling.

The name of this scale may glow, but Taylor LED Superbrite Scale reviews suggests it's a dull disappointment. The vast majority of reviews on the Target site complain about inaccurate and/or inconsistent readouts. One Taylor review reports weight readings that varied up to 3 pounds over a 15-minute period; another says the readings bounced from 185 to 165 and then to 200; and another says it showed different weights when placed on different parts of the floor. One consumer, however, shrugs off the different weights reported in the doctor's office, the Weight Watchers meeting, and on this home scale and comments in a review on Amazon that so long as the relative change is the same, she can live with it. Another source of frustration for consumers is scales that don't work right out of the box or quit after a few months, even with a new battery. Although consumers affirm that the display is indeed super bright and easy to read, problems with overall functionality trump this model's positive attributes.

The Taylor LED Superbrite (starting at $18, Amazon) does boast some good features, such as the 1.3-inch display with red numbers, automatic on/off, a five-year limited warranty, and a low price. Its weight capacity is 350 pounds, but unlike most other cheap digital scales, this one measure in 0.5-pound increments. It comes with a 9-volt battery, and the display includes a low-battery indicator.

Consumers' negative experience with this bathroom scale convinces us it doesn't make the grade. There are other budget models out there that will serve you better.

Maralyn Edid

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