Lux TX9600TS Review


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Users love the high-end features of this thermostat, such as a large touchscreen and individually programmable days. It's also compatible with a wide range of heating and cooling systems.

Pros: One of users' favorite features on the Lux TX9600TS (starting at $41; available on Amazon) is its easy-to-read touchscreen display, which reduces the need for squinting with large numbers and bright blue backlight. A vast majority of reviews on Amazon and report quick, painless installation and also say this thermostat does a great job of regulating the temperature. Another feature that draws raves is the adjustable temperature swing, which can be set in 0.25-degree Fahrenheit increments. It allows up to 2.25 degrees of variation around a set temperature before the system kicks on again. Users really appreciate that this keeps their heating and cooling systems from wasting energy cycling several times in a short period. The ability to individually program each day of the week adds even greater control to temperature monitoring, and setup is made easier via the "copy" feature, which quickly replicates preferred settings on each day of the week.

Cons: Complaints about the Lux TX9600TS are limited, but a smattering of users say there's a learning curve to operation and they wish better instructions were included with the unit. A few users report compatibility issues, often with heat pumps. Others note that the thermostat makes an annoying buzzing sound when the backlight is on, or complain of difficulties reading the display because there is not enough contrast. Some also say the backlight doesn't last long. Owners who have called customer service report mixed experiences.

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Features: The Lux TX9600TS is a highly programmable thermostat: Not only can users program two or four temperature periods for each day of the week, they can put the settings on temporary hold or override them. Considered a "universal" model, this thermostat is compatible with conventional heating and cooling systems including single-stage heat pumps; two-stage heat, one-stage cool; gas millivolt systems; and three-wire heat-only hydronic systems. It does not work with two-stage cooling systems or electric baseboards. It runs on two AA batteries and signals when to replace air filters. It's backed by a three-year warranty.

Takeaway: For the money, it's hard to do better than the Lux TX9600TS. Although some models may be easier to use, this is a good pick for anyone who wants a feature-filled thermostat without spending a ton.