Safety 1st Saunter Luxe Travel System Review


Think Twice

Users are moderately satisfied with the stroller but express concerns about the locking mechanism of the car seat. The Safety 1st Saunter Luxe system includes the Saunter Luxe stroller, Comfy Carry Elite infant car seat, and the necessary base.

Safety 1st Saunter Luxe Travel System reviews are fewer in number and less positive than reviews for other travel systems we researched. At both Amazon and Toys R Us comments focus mostly on the car seat. A few reviews say the stroller is good enough -- the baby seems comfortable and the brakes work fine -- although one post reports rough passage on all but the smoothest surfaces. The car seat, though, takes heat for a locking arrangement that leaves parents nervous. Travel system reviews say the seat locks into the base on one side only, which leaves them wondering just what would happen in the event of an accident. One parent also reports difficulty unlatching the seat from the base and another grouses about the straps. Still, parents appreciate the light weight of both stroller and car seat.

This travel system includes the Safety 1st Saunter Luxe stroller (starting at $130, Amazon), Comfy Carry Elite car seat, and a base. The car seat capacity is a maximum 22 pounds and with the base is compatible with the car's LATCH system. It comes with an infant insert and a harness with a 5-point configuration. The stroller is fitted out with a 3-point harness and its capacity hits the maximum at 50 pounds. There's a quilted lined canopy, a baby tray and a parent tray, s storage basket, rear wheel brakes, and a one-handed fold mechanism. Weight specifications for these components are not listed on the manufacturer's website.

Parents' concerns about the car seat prompted us to place the Safety 1st Saunter Luxe at the bottom of our list. Although the price is certainly right on this travel system, peace of mind may be worth the higher cost of combo packages that earned higher scores in our hit parade.

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