New Balance 760 Walking Shoe Review



Rated the top walking shoe of 2010 by Fitness Magazine, the New Balance 760 impresses consumers -- it's supportive, light, breathable, and comfortable. Available in men's and women's versions, this shoe incorporates lots of proprietary technology for walking comfort, and the removable insole accommodates orthotics.

Users at Amazon praise the New Balance 760 Walking Shoe women's shoe for being immediately comfortable, lightweight and supportive, while a user at agrees saying they were comfortable from day one and calling them a solid purchase. The Men's version of the shoe doesn't get as high of ratings at Amazon however New Balance 760 Walking Shoe reviewers agree that the shoe is of very high quality and very comfortable, but the size runs a bit small.

The New Balance 760 Walking Shoe (starting at $60, Amazon) comes in both men's and women's styles and weighs in at 8.5 to 10.5 ounces depending on gender and size. It has extreme flexibility in the forefoot, has special technology to stabilize the foot throughout the whole stride and specifically the arch, and has extra cushioning in the heel for support and stability.

We love this shoe for many reasons. First, it was rated as the top walking shoe of the year by Fitness Magazine - not bad! We also like that it is extremely lightweight - the lightest that we reviewed yet still highly supportive. User reviews are great making us truly believe this is a comfortable low cost walking shoe.

Raechel Conover

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