Frigidaire FTF530FS Review


Think Twice

Another model absent from industry experts' lists, this 3.1 cubic-foot front-loader has a spotty track record with users. Most consumers like the energy efficiency and cleaning power this machine offers, and happy owners note it comes with knobs instead of an electronic control board, which is pricey to repair. However, complaints pop up frequently about bearings giving out, drum supports breaking, and door latches failing.

Frigidaire FTF530FS reviews by users assign the model middling grades on average, but it seems to have divisive powers: consumers either love or hate this model. The front-loading Frigidaire FTF530FS (starting at $437) is a front-loader starts at less than $450 but is well off the radar of industry experts and absent from consumer products review sites. In reviews on Viewpoints, users value its ability to get clothes clean while conserving water and energy. Some reviews express surprise at the cost savings and say using high efficiency detergent takes getting used to, and its quiet operation pleases users. On the other hand, many consumers fault its dependability. Frigidaire FTF530FS reviews on Best Buy, for example, report issues with bearings giving out and drums breaking; some complain that it's cheaper to replace the unit than repair it.

This low-cost front-load washer with capacity of 3.1 cubic feet has many good qualities but they don't quite make up for its questionable reliability. Due to the frequency of repair-related complaints, you might want to give the Frigidaire FTF530FS a pass.

Gina Briles

Gina K. Briles writes family, household, and shopping-related product reviews. She is a displaced Jayhawk and a coffee addict living in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two small children, and Vizsla dog.

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